The Language of Insects

Fixed Media


8' 45


Dec 03, 2020




Program Notes

If our ears were sensitive enough to listen to the sounds of insects, perhaps we could hear them speak. This piece is an exploration of the sounds on the edges of our perception - the key clicks of an accordion, air blown softly through a pan pipe, a small chain slid across the surface of a timber drum. Alone, these sounds are almost too quiet to hear, but when amplified they draw us into a microscopic world - a world where we might be able to hear the language of insects.



Friday, April 22nd, 202212:00 am CDTLewis UniversityElectronic Music Midwest
Thursday, April 14th, 20226:00 pm CDTOU, Pitman HallNikki Krumwiede DMA Composition Recital
Friday, October 22nd, 20218:00 pm CDTCatlett Music Center, Pitman HallComposing Tomorrow

Further Information

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